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Hey guys, I’ll be pretty much gone all this weekend so there won’t be any updates during that time, but I’m hoping to get a few fics posted between now and then. <3

Requests are open, so send them to me~


How would people feel if I included Topp Dogg to the list of groups I write for…?

meadowstar0915 asked : Hi! Could you write a Ravi, Jimin, or Tao smut scenario please? I'd really appreciate it! Saranghae!! <3 ;)

Ooh, choices! Okay, gotcha. <3 It should be up within the next couple of days or so~ <3

Anonymous asked : "Throws Hearts at you "💜💛💚💗💚💛💜 I truly love your blog

Awww, anon!! You’re too kind~ <3 Thank you so much c:



Remember, requests are open <3

Send ‘em in!


(For booksandbandboys!)

Kris, smut. Walking in on him masturbating.

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Anonymous asked : birthday anon over here ^^ thank you so much for the sweet scenario <3

Aww, anon. <3 I’m glad you liked it! If you have another request, feel free to send it in~ <3333


(Man, Chen’s so attractive. Anyway, this is for byunbaekme. I’m so sorry this took so long, but I haven’t forgotten about you guys who requested stuff! I tried to keep this short and sweet; I hope you enjoy.)

Chen, smut; confessing to liking each other.

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(For anon! I hope you enjoy, and happy (belated?) birthday! <3 I chose Leo, since he’s my bias in VIXX, honestly haha.)

Leo; fluff. Prompt: ‘Daybreak’.

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Anonymous asked : hello, so today is my 20th birthday but i live in other city right now and didn't went back to hometown since i got summer classes. it's kinda lonely here celebrating birthday with no one. could you write something to cheer me up... with either leo or ken? thanks a lot <3 i will consider this as my birthday present ^^

Yeah, of course! c: I’ll get right on it! <3